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Orthofix is a global medical device company providing innovative solutions to physicians around the world. We develop, manufacture and distribute products and regenerative tissue forms to help restore quality of life for patients in need of reconstructive and regenerative orthopedic and spine solutions. Orthofix has four strategic business units that include BioStim, Biologics, Extremity Fixation and Spine Fixation. Our products and tissue forms are widely distributed via the company’s sales representatives, stocking distributors and subsidiaries.

Orthofix Upper Extremity Products

​​Our upper e​xtremity products offer simple but high performing solutions for orthopedic trauma and reconstruction. ​A new distal radius plating system and a dedicated wrist articulator for fracture treatment complete the already wide range of products available for upper extremities. The treatment philosophy focuses not only on the broken bone but also considers the long-term preservation of function and quality of life for the patient. Orthofix devices for fracture reduction and bone reconstruction protect and preserve natural anatomy and limb alignment, allowing patients to move naturally very early in the healing cycle, as clinically tolerated and indicated. Orthofix have developed dedicated new fixators focusing on the importance of early mobilization.2012 11 15 Orthofix THEXFig29a WEB

GALAXY™ Fixation
Pennig Minifixator
MiniRail System
ProCallus Fixator

Orthofix Lower Extremity Products

Our lower e​xtremity portfolio offer a complete range of products for trauma and limb reconstruction. A complete array of nails, specifically developed for preserving natural anatomy and supporting a quick application is available for trauma applications. Furthermore a wide range of external fix​ators, covering all surgeon and patient needs, is available, including monolateral fixators, damage control pin-to-bar systems and a wide range of circular frames, including a hexapod type device that can be used for all trauma and limb reconstruction surgeries.​Tibia Fractures 13

TrueLok Ring Fixation System
LRS ADVanced
XCaliber® Hybrid Fixator
Gotfried PC.C.P.
G-Beam Fusion Beaming System™

Orthofix Pediatric Products

​​​​Our external fixation pediatric​ products restore normal anatomy for patients with physical or congenital deformities, traumatic or post-traumatic conditions, as well as for patients needing limb lengthening. Several of our limb reconstruction products are designed to be used in pediatrics. We have also introduced an innovative reconstruction plate to correct angular deformities in children, such as bowed legs and knock knees. Our dedicated fixators are available in small sizes to accommodate​ pediatric​ surgeon and patient needs.​

Guided Growth System