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Uresil is a medical device development, manufacturing and distribution company that serves the needs of physicians who perform minimally invasive procedures. Through innovation and relationships it provide high-quality devices that improve patient care and reduce overall treatment costs.
The product focus has been in the area of interventional radiology, and more specifically, a comprehensive product offering comprised of devices for abscess, nephrostomy and biliary drainage. UreSil trademarked products include the UreFlex® Drainage Catheters with the Tru-Set® locking system, Tru-Close® Thoracic Vent, and the Tru-Close Suction Drainage Bags.

  • The Origin Catheter is the culmination of years of research and development.
  • Origin now features a clear hub for better visualization, an improved catheter material for insertion ease, an improved tip taper on larger sizes, the largest holes currently available on the market and depth marks that can confirm catheter position. Origin will be comprised of all general purpose “H” suffix codes, and provides an idea of the innovation we are providing in the drainage market.
  • Every Origin General Purpose Catheter (GP) includes the following; Catheter, Metal Cannula, Flexible Cannula, Trocar and Hydrophilic Coating. The 6F catheter also includes an obturator.
  • Origin Catheters are available in 6F through 16F diameters.

Abscess Drainage

GP™ General-Purpose Drainage Catheterorigin

  • Extensive product line to meet all of your drainage needs
  • Available in Ureflex®-Soft and standard Ureflex® material
  • Kink resistant
  • Large bore hub
  • Leak resistant locking mechanism

GP™ General-Purpose Drainage Catheter with locking pigtail
GP General-Purpose Drainage Catheter with "J" tip (non-locking)
Mini-Pigtail® Drainage Catheter with locking pigtail
Short Mini-Pigtail Drainage Catheter with locking pigtail

Nephrostomy/Biliary Drainage

CHOLE-CATH® Biliary Drainage Catheters with RO Marker

NEPHRO-CATH™ Nephrostomy Drainage Catheters

  • Biliary catheter with RO Marker to facilitate accurate placement
  • Ureflex®-Soft material for enhanced patient comfort
  • Kink resistant
  • Large skived drainage holes
  • Large bore hub
  • Leak resistant locking mechanism

NEPHRO-CATH Nephrostomy Drainage Catheter with locking pigtail
NEPHRO-CATH Nephrostomy Drainage Catheter Kit
CHOLE-CATH Biliary Drainage with RO Marker Catheter Kit
CHOLE-CATH Biliary Drainage Catheter with locking pigtail
CHOLE-CATH Billiary Drainage Catheter with locking pigtail and additional holes extending along the shaft

Drainage Systems & Accessories

Drainage Systems & Accessoriestc600

TRU-CLOSE® Suction Bags
Compact and self contained system allows complete patient ambulation
Closed system design reduces the chance of cross contamination
Bag sizes 300ml, 500ml and 1000ml.

Optimus® Gravity Bags
20" or 36" tubing length
600ml capacity
Soft and pliable for patient comfort

Aspiration/Flush adapter
Y connector for bilateral drainage
Funnel end connector tubing

POSI-STICK® Introducer
Introducer Sets
Provides for easy, accurate, non-traumatic over-the-guidewire catheter placement.
Features a 21 GA introducer needle with locking trocar, platinum-tipped .018" Nitinol guidewire, coaxial 4F-6F dilator introducer set with locking ring and platinum RO marker, and .038"(or .035") guidewire with floppy tip and "J" tip.

One-Step ™ Introducer Set
Features a 5F flexible dilator with trocar and 100cm x 0.38" guidewire for quick and easy access for catheter placement.

UreSil® Tru-Fix ™ Catheter Fixation System
The system incorporates a silicone disk, locking collar (nylon) and transparent adhesive patch
The inherent friction of the silicone disk along with the polyurethane material in the catheter secures the catheter without occluding the lumen
Transparent tape allows the caregiver the ability to monitor the skin condition
The dressing can be easily changed without disturbing the wound site or dislodging the catheter
Universal design that can be used on any brand of catheter

Pneumothorax Products


The red signal diaphragm deflects upwards when the catheter tip enters the pleural space. It then continues to fluctuate with respiration as the intrapleural pressure varies from > +2mm Hg to <-2mm Hg.
When the signal diaphragm stays in the down position and the patient is asymptomatic the pneumothorax may be resolved.


NEPHRO-STENT™ Nephroureteral Stent Catheter with locking pigtail

  • In 2015, UreSil introduced the Nephroureteral Stent Catheter (NU) to its product portfolio.
  • This product was developed in conjunction with numerous IR Physicians and is intended to address the shortcomings of other NU stents on the market.
  • Its key features include an increase in the number of drain holes, a highly visible radiopaque (RO) marker, a smaller bladder pigtail, a rigid cannula and a flexible cannula with obturator to facilitate placement.
  • Every NU Stent Catheter includes the following; Catheter with RO Marker, Metal Cannula, full length Flexible Cannula with Obturator, Septum Cap and Hydrophilic Coating.nsl