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Wardray Premise specialise in the manufacture of radiation shielding for medical and industrial applications.

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  • MRI Installations - Wardray Premise are experts in RF and Magnetic Shielding for MRI Rooms.
  • Transportation - Adjustable Height Trolley, Fixed Height Trolley, Paediatric Trolleys, Folding Portering Chair, Bariatric Portering Chair, Portering Chair, Folding Wheelchair
  • Paediatric Monitoring - Neonatal Ventilator, MiniMuffs Neonatal Noise Attenuators, Dedicated Paediatric Coils, Infant Cocoon, Infant Cardiac Array and Beb'x Paediatric Securing System
  • Monitoring - Tesla M3® MRI Patient Monitor, Tesla one® Pulse Oximeter, Tesla NIBP®, Manual Blood Pressure Set, Venous Compression Set, Stethoscope and Laryngoscopes
  • Safety - OxiQuant MC® MR Room Oxygen Monitor, SafeView Patient CCTV Camera, Ski Pad Evacuation Mattress, Fire Extinguisher, Hand Held Metal Detector, Warning Sign, Warning Light, Ferroguard® MRI Alarm System
  • fMRI - Functional MRI
  • Relaxation - Relax & View® Video Relaxation System, Video Stand, Mirror Device, PureSound Audio Relaxation System, Noise Reducing Headphones, Relax & View® Image Collection, Starlight Ceiling System.
  • Accessories - Scanner Mattresses, Examination Lamps, Waste Bowl, Instrument Trolleys, Step Stools, Linen Stand, IV Drip Stand, Prismatic Spectacles, Reversible Prism Glasses, Vision Correcting MediGoggles, Vision
  • Correcting MediGlasses, Surgeons Stool, Labels, Wheeled Waste Bin, Drug Cabinet, S.U.P.A SLIDE Sheets, Surgical Instruments, Titanium Hand Tools and Coil Transport Trolley.

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  • X-ray Shielding - including X-ray protective panels, doors, windows, screens, and curtains
  • Neutron Shielding
  • MRI Installations
  • Shielding for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Special Shielding Products
  • Shielding Materials - X-ray protective shielding materials, including Sheet Lead, Lead Bricks, Lead Glass, Premac® Lead Acrylic and Premadex® for Neutron Shielding

X-ray Products & Solutions

  • Transportation - X-ray Trolleys, Portering Chairs and the Easyroller Wheelchair
  • X-ray Equipment - Viewers, Step Platforms, Proctology Chair, Scoliosis Chair, Utility Trolleys, Drug Cabinet, Storage Units, IV Pole, Automatic Desktop Film Processor, Catheter Storage, Film Storage Hopper, Contour Sink, Cassette Hatch, Positioning and Scaling Accessories, Beb’x Paediatric Securing System, Panel Protectors and the TOF Watch Monitor
  • X-ray Protective Accessories - Eyewear, Disposable Eye and Thyroid Protectors, Thyroid Collars, Lower Back Shields and Ovaries Shields
  • X-ray Protection for Personnel - Fixed Screens, Mobile Screens, Shields and Workstations, Overhead Suspension Shields, Fixed and Rotating Track Curtains and Security Flaps
  • General X-ray Accessories - Filing Systems, Warning Lights & Signs, Fuji Hunt Chemistry, Evacuation Mattress, SUPA SLIDE Sheets and Lead Glass Cleaner