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Foot Impulse Technology with the A-V Impulse System was developed to mimic the natural physiological processes, which maintain the blood circulation in the legs and arms. Clinical trials, involving thousands of patients have been published confirming the benefits of the A-V Impulse System for:

  • DVT Prophylaxis
  • avimpulseEdema Reduction and subsequent Reduction of Hospital Stay
  • Pain Management
  • Circulation Enhancement

Rapidly inflating the ImPad foot or hand cover in less than 0.4 seconds produces a high velocity surge of venous blood flow, improving venous return and arterial blood flow in the extremities. In the deep veins, A-V Impulse System eliminates venous stasis, scours out vein valves and releases EDRF - critical for efficacious mechanical thrombo-prophylaxis. A-V Impulse System has been recognized by the International Consensus Statement and awarded a Grade A recommendation for DVT prophylaxis in elective orthopedics. Additionally, A-V Impulse System is:

  • Natural, safe and effective without risk of bleeding
  • Suitable as sole or adjunctive prophylaxis
  • Effective with/without graduated compression stockings

A-V Impulse System can be applied to the upper or lower limb, and an under-cast application wrap is also available. After trauma, A-V Impulse System speeds recovery and reduces complications, leading to earlier discharge from hospital and return to work. A-V Impulse System after ankle fracture can reduce hospital stay by 30%.

Indication: Deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis, edema reduction, pain management, circulation enhancement