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RadQual, LLC is the premier developer of innovative quality control products for the nuclear medicine and PET imaging communities.

In 2001 RadQual was first to introduce lightweight shielding for flood sources. The RadShield® provides comparable shielding to the heavy hard cases at half the weight, this enables a source to be safely and easily carried from storage to the gamma camera. 2007 saw the introduction of the revolutionary "S" dose calibrator reference standard, which allows daily calibration of ion chambers for both vial and syringe (unit dose) geometries.

SPECT Imaging Products

  • Bench/Mark™ & RadLite™ Flood SourcesDose Calibrator Sources E vial Group 420x420
  • Cobalt 57 Line Sources
  • Dose Calibrator Sources “E” vial Products
  • Dose Calibrator Sources “S” vial Dual Geometry Products
  • Penpoint Markers
  • Rad Scooter
  • RadShield™
  • Rod Sources
  • Spot Markers

PET Imaging Products

  • Dose Calibrator Simulated F-18 (Ge- 68/Ga-68)
  • PET F-18 X-Cal System
  • Rod Sources
  • Spot Markers