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Syntellix AG was established in 2008 by innovation-friendly and forward-looking investors in Niedersachsen (Lower-Saxony) in Germany, under the overall management of Prof. Dr. Utz Claassen. Established in Hannover, the start-up succeeded in making the breakthrough after a great deal of highly committed work: by setting up an interdisciplinary network of outstanding scientists at various research locations, Syntellix succeeded in developing MAGNEZIX® within five years and launching it on the market - a truly revolutionary material which, despite its metallic properties and high stability, can be completely absorbed within the body - and even replaced at the same time by the body's own bone tissue.

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After countless biomechanical studies, in-vitro and in-vivo tests, MAGNEZIX® was the first bioabsorbable metallic implant world-wide to receive approval in 2013 (CE label). In March 2013, Syntellix AG won the prestigious and internationally renowned German Industry Innovation Prize - first innovation prize in the world® for its unique innovation MAGNEZIX®. Only two years later, the company also won the Top Innovator of German Medium-sized Enterprises award in 2015. It won the prize again as the Top Innovator in 2016, in the same year that Syntellix also won the Future Prize of the Health Industry Club. Another milestone of the year was the state approval of MAGNEZIX® by the renowned Health Science Authority (HSA) in Singapore. In 2017 Syntellix AG won the STEP Award for the most innovative technology and the German Medical Award for the best product innovation. Also in 2017 Syntellix was awarded as Innovator of the Year by the Top 100 jury. In the following year 2018, MAGNEZIX® was named Sustainable Product of the Year at the Sustainability Awards; the German Innovation Award in gold followed in 2019. And the prizes continued in 2020: This year Syntellix was able to win the Edison Award in silver and the IMA Award of Excellence.

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