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Kirby Lester provides a wide range of counting and bottling devices for industrial settings. Choose what’s right for your facility: KL1 is a fast check-counter and QC device; KL25 is a simple inventory counter and small-scale bottling device.


kl1 pharmacy tablet counter front 
  • Preferred Counting Technology: Best-selling pill and tablet counter worldwide. Easier, faster, and more accurate automation than outdated Rx scales and cumbersome tray-and-spatula methods.
  • Fast: The KL1 handles a 60-count Rx an average of 6.3 seconds faster than hand-counting, and 14.3 seconds faster for a 90-count Rx.
  • Essential Inventory Tool: Maintain absolute inventory accuracy, especially for controlled medications (manual counting is only 95% accurate at best).
  • Design Update: Better accommodates a variety of pouring techniques used in pharmacy automation.
  • Free Up Time, Redeploy Staff: Using a Kirby Lester tablet counter frees up valuable time for customer service and profit-driving initiatives.
  • No Calibration or Adjustments to count different medications. Just pour through.


 kl25 anim
The KL25 is an easy-to-use, hands-free tablet counter for short-run counting, inventory / QC, or smaller bottle-filling needs. The KL25 counts and bottles in a semi-automatic process, eliminating manual counting and improving accuracy. The KL25 is designed for usage in pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturing facilities.
  • Two Modes: Use as a simple QC device, or to fill a small number of bottles/vials
  • Famous Accuracy: World-renowned counting technology inside
  • Fast Counting: Check-count stock bottles up to 300 tablets or capsules, or fill a few bottles at a time; Up to 820 pills/minute
  • No calibration or adjustments to count different medications
  • For Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical Uses