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TL-HEX TRAUMA, a new concept with proven outcomes

Since the launch of the TL-HEX system, Orthofix has always supported the idea of the platform being constantly developed and improved. In less than two years numerous new hardware had been introduced, with innovative features and already 3 software updates have been released.

As a platform, TL-HEX is not just a product itself but can be tailored to the surgeon's needs in order to offer the best solution for daily application. Continuing this trend, Orthofix has developed a completely new concept specific for trauma applications: TL-HEX Trauma.The system is an evolution of a hybrid solution, simplifying and revolutionising the concept. It is a simple circular frame application for fractures where a temporary frame can be converted into a definitive one without a second surgery. The advantage of TL-HEX Trauma is the specific ability (unique feature on the market) to convert the circular frame into an Hexapod simply by replacing the Quick Rapid Struts with the TL-HEX struts when it is necessary.

Hospitals and surgeons can obtain all the advantages of a very flexible and stable system, using the specific feature of an Hexapod if needed, saving time, money and, above all, offering a good and safe treatment for the patient, especially in peri-articular fractures, where its efficacy has been proven by a number of studies.The new system will be available at the end of 2014 with a specific tray that can accommodate all the components needed for 2 full surgeries, saving space in the operating theatre.