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LimaCorporate is a global orthopedics company focused on digital innovation and tailored hardware, which advances patient centered care. Their orthopedic technology solutions are developed by an enthusiastic team, to empower surgeons and to improve patient outcomes from joint replacement surgery.

LimaCorporate believe that movement is joy and enables us to connect with others. That is why they are committed to restore the eMotion of Motion through orthopedics.
Experts in orthopedics and design ‘bio-compatible’ products to naturally fit into the human body; this means their materials are compatible with human biology, and LimaCorporate technology becomes part of every patient.

Most LimaCorporate products are created using Titanium, a material used in most orthopedic implants. LimaCorporate heritage of working with Titanium dates to 1970. In 2007 they patented Trabecular Titanium (TT), a new 3D printed technology that better supports new bone formation.

Lower limb


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Upper limb


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